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About Namcook Analytics

Namcook Analytics, LLC designs leading-edge risk, cost, and quality estimation and measurement tools. Software Risk Master (SRM™) is the company’s advanced parametric estimation tool with a proprietary early sizing feature that allows sizing BEFORE requirements via patented pattern matching algorithms. SRM estimates are based on historical data from over 27,000 software development projects from 75 industries and 70 countries. New data is collected via client benchmark studies.

Namcook Analytics also collects software benchmark data and engages in longer-range software process improvement, quality, and risk-assessment studies. These Namcook studies are global and involve major corporations and government agencies in many countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Executive Team

Ted Maroney


Ted is President and co-founder of Namcook Analytics, LLC. Prior to Namcook, Ted was CIO of Investors’ Financial Services (IBT/IFS) for 20 years, and before that, a systems engineer with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), working in the f inancial services sector.

Michael Bragen


Michael manages Marketing and Customer Success initiatives. Prior to working with Namcook, he was a Managing Partner of Software Productivity Research (SPR) and CEO of the firm’s Asia Pacific division. He worked with Capers Jones to develop and market the firm’s software metrics consulting practice and cost and quality estimation tools.

Capers Jones

Chief Scientist

Capers is vice president and Chief Technology Officer of Namcook Analytics LLC. Prior to the formation of Namcook Analytics, he founded Software Productivity Research (SPR), and was chief scientist at Artemis Management Systems.

Before founding SPR, he was Assistant Director of Programming Technology for the ITT Corporation. During his tenure Capers designed several proprietary software cost and quality estimation tools. He was also a manager and software researcher at IBM, where he designed IBM’s first software cost estimating tools.

Capers Jones is a well-known author and international public speaker.

  • We support up to 60 development methodologies
  • Our quality predictions are more complete than any other estimation tool
  • We size earlier than any other method in the world
  • We support 84 programming languages and add new ones every year