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The Mess of Software Metrics

This paper summarizes the best and worst metrics used for software projects. Among the best are function points and defect removal efficiency (DRE). Among the worst are lines of code (LOC), cost per defect, story points, and use-case points. The best metrics have thousands of benchmarks and standard counting rules. The worst have few accurate benchmarks and random counting rules.

Challenges of Software Project Management

Software project management is a difficult task. Managers must deal with client issues, with personnel issues, and with normal management functions on planning, estimating, and measurement. This paper shows best and worst current practices for software project management. The best practices include use of parametric estimation tools and careful historical data collection using function points for data normalization.

Achieving Software Excellence

Excellent software projects combine high quality, minimal requirements creep, on-time delivery, and on-budget cost control. Unfortunately only about 5% of U.S. software projects achieve this kind of excellence. Average projects tend to run late and over budget, while worst-case projects are often terminated without being completed due to negative ROI. This paper explains how to achieve excellence based on empirical observations of the best projects in leading companies such as IBM, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Minimizing the Risk of Outsource Litigation

The author has been an expert witness in 15 software lawsuits. In general software that ends up being sued also ran late, exceeded planned budgets, and had poor quality after delivery. All of these problems are preventable. Careful planning and parametric estimates combined with accurate status tracking can lower the odds of outsource litigation and ensure happier clients and even better team morale.

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